About Work is a French association born from a post-graduate project meant to question and diversify the way organizations are conceived and managed. We explore offbeat companies - those that dare to challenge established mindsets and common myths of the corporate world. Those that don’t give up on their idealism and that try out more human and efficient ways to lead a business.

But to fully open our minds to the most disruptive, daring, and promising initiatives we first need to get rid of our biases. You know what we mean : all of those approximative stereotypes and quick conclusions commonly heard at the coffee machine or at lunch break, holding us back from meaningful and radical change.


Many employees don’t feel motivated to the fullest and believe traditional corporate structures can only do so much - meaning that an enormous potential is being ignored or dissolved by ways of mere organizational compromises. Embracing diversity is the starting point to any successful innovation. Meeting with these successful businesses that are shaping the company of tomorrow and reinventing what doing business means is the first step to revolutionize the way our current companies do business.

We intend to fuel debates and reflections on the business culture, cultivate entrepreneurs and professionals, inspire ambitious and inquiring minds, so that more companies dare to take that leap we are waiting for.

And what better place to materialize this than the USA, a nation that embodies and constantly redefines the entrepreneur state of mind, and that is so often regarded as a path to follow in business schools worldwide.


During three months traveling across the USA, we met with a dozen organizations and work teams. Based on our business school knowledge and professional experiences, we interview, understand, compare, challenge business models and corporate visions. Each interview and corresponding article focus on confronting a business stereotype with the experience of a company that refuses to be constrained by established modes of thinking. This online platform reports our findings and delivers thought material from inspired managers who have a different way of running a business.

Our sponsors’ support will help us materialize this project and make it a proper thinking space for French companies and business students.

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About Work's journey

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Our findings and content will be published on this website and on social platforms under these five categories:


Written articles analyzing the business models and corporate policies, recapping the interviews we will organize, in order to better understand the experience and beliefs of interviewees as well as to reflect on the vision some of them have of how business will be done tomorrow.


Analytical articles exploring subjects and matters relating to unusual or offbeat actions, or linked to entrepreneurship, and more thoroughly investigating on the relevance of a specific stereotype.


Short videos extracted from the interviews, in which the interviewees will answer the following question : “What was the biggest mistake you made or have witnessed, and what did you learn from it?” As such, they may deliver their own experience in a few minutes and compare theory with practice in a more human and informal manner.


Recreational articles with a larger scope, reflecting on some business initiatives and connecting them with different fields (art, news, psychology…) to gain some perspective.


This is a “behind the scenes” section ! These various posts will present the discoveries we make during our journey, the moments we share, the people we meet, the cities we explore...we’ll go with the flow.

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