our sponsorS

We are thankful to Aneo, our main sponsor, for accepting to support this project. It is a young and innovative consulting firm, specialized in organizational and IT transformation advisory. Its 200 employees enjoy its holacratic organization on a daily basis. Their expertise and their open-mindedness have greatly nourished this project.

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We are thankful to Association GEM Alumni for their sponsorship and support. The Alumni Association of the French business school Grenoble Ecole de Management develops many projects and clubs to help Alumni to keep on growing by sharing their skills and work experiences.

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special thanks

We want to address a special thank to our friends who have put their talent, time and imagination to the service of our project!

To Ludovic Milléquant for his advice, his kindness, and his enthusiasm which have boosted our ambition - and still do. 

To Laura Ferré for her unconditional support, her professional expertise, and her funky ways.

To Alain Hoa for his patience, his time and his expert eye that have achieved giving grace to our portraits.

To Bérengère Morel for her wise advices, her imagination and her special artistic touch, without whom our logo would not have been born.

To Florian Cordillot for his mastery and knowledge of the obscur computer languages that have enabled our dreams to be translated into this wonderful website.

To both our families for their constant support, their trust but their concern as well letting us leave for adventure.

To Gwladys, Randolph, Gunther, Maria and Ramon for travelling by our sides in this Great American Adventure.

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