At the crossroads: Colorado


Here we were. Colorado. At the very heart of the USA. The crossroads. We were halfway through our big American adventure. And like a third glass of red wine on a Thursday night, we were at a transition point without really realizing it. From that point on, landscapes would just blow our minds on a regular basis.

Plus, we had our own routine now. Our packing methods were at optimal level, the trunk was filled with food stocks (Ranch sauce Doritos, Fruit Roll-ups, mac and cheese, and still a good handful of Mangoozers), the driving playlist was at its finest, our About Work meetings were all well planned ahead, and we were getting the hang of just being open and ready for another adventure.

The first impression you get while opening your car door and setting foot on Colorado ground is the fresh air. It’s even better than a push on the Febreze in the toilets, really. It’s cold, but pure and quiet. That day of driving was pretty amazing: in the morning, our white little Hyundai smoothly slalomed between the mountains, passing by deers, forests, and mountain lakes on our way to the North. You know those car commercials where you see the car driving silently and all alone on beautiful roads? That was us.

Then, in the afternoon, we headed towards sand dunes. Yep, that’s right. Sand dunes in the middle of Colorado. We had to go.

So we went.

And then the storm began.

So we left.

Our Airbnb in Loveland turned out to be an amazing opportunity to meet great people: we stayed in Mindy’s home, where her, PJ and Sondra live. They’re Jehovah’s witnesses and the friendliest people we met in Colorado. We talked about God, we dressed up as cowgirls, and we proudly gave birth to 2 new imaginary friends: Maria and Ramon.

We spent most of our daytime in the Rocky Mountains National Park, at about 14000 ft. of altitude (around 4000m). We walked in the tundra, befriended chipmunks, nearly stepped on snakes, and saw an elk. There’s really no way to summarize it, it’s just an incredible succession of mesmerizing landscapes. Just see for yourself.

As for night time… Let’s just say: we explored a whole new world, thanks to Joel.


> Dressing like cowgirls to go line-dancing: check
> Walking on the tundra at 14,000ft metres in altitude: check
> Almost walking on a snake: check
> Eating the sand dunes: check

What we liked

> Mindy, PJ, and Sondra!
> Talking with that friendly old lady from the tourist center who told us about that time she went to Paris and had ice cream
> The elk
> Having the Lucky Coin pay for the park’s entrance
> The vue on top of the Rocky Mountains

What we didn't liked

> Saying our goodbyes to the Southern accent
> Missing PJ’s punk group’s rehearsal
> Leaving Colorado so soon

Next stop: Utah!

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