3 Days In Pittsburgh


Hello to you all!

So here we are. We got 8 hours of driving, buckets and buckets of rainwater and a few panic attacks on the road from NYC to Pittsburgh. But we were flat to finally get there. We landed in a great home, where Scott, Audrey, Audrey, Lola, Bradley, and a cat we’ll just never manage to remember the name despite our good will, just got settled (fyi, only the first three on this list are actually human beings). Thanks to Adèle’s lucky coin, we actually crashed in a house where the baby doesn’t cry. And that was really good news: we were pretty exhausted from the whole New York craziness. It’s not like we had the time to sit back and relax either: we spent two days at Inventionland, in their Disney-like offices where employees (‘Creationeers’) with beards, tattoos, and piercings create stuff… So that was cool.

The area surrounding Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania, looks a bit like the French South West region (we’re thinking of the Bearn): there are big green hills due to a rainy weather. 300,000 people live in Pittsburgh itself so isn’t a very big city. It is surrounded by two rivers (Allegheny and Monongahela: if you don’t know how to pronounce it, ask the French Google Maps voice, it’s pretty creepy), meaning that it connects with the rest of the world via pretty yellow bridges. We memorized three capital facts about Pittsburgh: a) that’s where Andy Warhol was born, b) Heinz HQ are in Pittsburgh, and c) the baseball team are the Pittsburgh Pirates. Oh and by the way, they have an incredible base ball field right along the water. We didn’t get the time (nor had the money) to go to a game, but we still had a good view from the traffic jam we were stuck in. Oh yeah, and the local food specialty is a sort of sandwich with coleslaw. Yep. Anyway, as an East Coast city, its history is pretty rich. Its CBD is mainly composed with ancient but impressive corporate buildings (banks and insurance companies) dating back to the XXth century. It actually was Pittsburgh’s modern era golden age, as only New York could rival with its industry and its financial power. As a matter of fact, it was so industrialized that in the 40ies the city had to light up lamp posts because of the pollution. The city later on cleaned it all up, and now you can actually enjoy a really great view of the city from Mount Washington.

We liked:

the awesome skyline on the road to the airport by night… you would think we would have become picky after a week in NYC!

> the view from Mount Washington on the city in the evening

> dipping our toes at the Point Park fountain


What we didn't like:

> people yelling at us when we stopped at a Stop sign

> all the Google Maps nonsense


And now: let's go to Chicago!

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